My Photoshop TaskS

Genius Hour

June 6. 2017

Yesterday I learned to use curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator. I was drawing a Boom box so i used rectangle tool, ellipse tool, curvature tool to draw heart shapes in the boombox. Another tool i learned yesterday was the spray tool which we can use to spray objects all over the window.


Genius Hour

Genius Hour (16 May, 2017)

  • What do I need in library on the 19th for my presentation ?
  1. For my presentation on 19th about what I have done in Genius Hour, I will need a computer with Adobe Illustrator software installed on it.


Genius Hour

March 7, 2017

Yesterday, In my Genius Hour i learned how to remove the background of the picture and merge two pictures into one.

Genius Hour

Feb 28, 2017

  1. Name one important thing you learned in class today. Why is it important?
  • Today i learned how to open templates in corelDRAW, open pictures into corelDRAW that need to be edited, save the edited work. These were the basics that i started with yesterday. Learning this is important because if you do not know this you can not use the software.

Genius Hour

Feb 21, 2017

  1. What is your Driving Question?

I want to learn basics of using corelDRAW so that i can do graphic designing.

2. Who is working on  the project with you?

Karan will be working on the project with me.

3. What do you expect from this project?

I expect that I will be learning how to use corelDRAW to a level where i can do most of things on my own without needing any assistance from anyone and know how to use most of the tools.

4. What will you show?

I will make basic logo and do picture editing.

5. What Equipment do I need?

I just need a Computer and corelDRAW software installed in it.

6. Where will I learn?

I will find some lessons online and learn how to use it from the instructions and demos given there.

7. Name some tasks that need to be done. Who does it ?

(1). Find Website.

(2). Read the Website.

(3). Make Key Notes.

(4). Figure out what to do on corelDRAW.

(5). Start doing on corelDRAW.

(6). Look at lessons and figure out how to do the editing.

(7). Post it on my website for everyone to see my work.

Opinion Of Genius Hour

I think genius hour is a very useful time to do stuff that you like.  It lets you explore things that you want to do but are unable to do due to every day work. The time is limited so you concentrate on your work. This hour is the most productive hour. Most of the genius things like Gmail, Google Docs were a result of this genius hour which came out to be extremely popular. Genius hour in all is a great hour where people can come up with great ideas and discover great things.

My First Photoshop

This is my  very first Photoshop Lesson in which I learned how to use the feather tool, crop tool, magic wand tool, gradient tool and work with layers.


Very First Photoshop Lesson

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